Patent Granted

Our non-invasive ultrasonic technology is patented, enabling 10 year long usage for billing, without the need of ultrasonic couplant.

98% Accuracy for Billing

The meter is compliant to the EU/International Metering Directive Certification MID/OIML R-49, enabling billing for cold & hot potable water.

Drip and Burst Leakage Detection

Detects bursts or drips down to 1 l/h, with instant alerts to both admin and tenant.

No gel, glue or grease

No need for ultrasonic couplant that dries out.

Wireless Connectivity

LoRa or wmBus connectivity with 10 year battery life.

One design for multiple pipes

Our meter currently works for PEX, PVC and AluPEX of 15-25mm in diameter.

API for existing systems

Use our API to plugin into existing metering visualization systemsw.

Disagregation of data in the app

Tenants gets more detailed understanding of their behaviour by knowing in which outlet the water is used, using our machine learning algorithms.

Reduce 35% water & 12% energy usage

Proven reduction of water and hot water energy usage.

Low Installation cost, ROI: 1-2 years

Property managers or utility companies will have a 1-2 year return on investment due to the very low installation cost, as there are no plumbers needed.

Interested in pilot testing in a property building?

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